The 17th season of South Park started on September 25th and the finale is scheduled to air in December. So that means tonight is another new episode of South Park, right. No Comedy Central will air a repeat of “Scott Tenorman Must Die”.

The plan was for Comedy Central to air “Goth Kids: Dawn of the Posers” but that won’t happen. You might think some crazy Muslim blew up the studios or a big time lawyer finally got the injunction to stop the show.

No, it’s not that fun, what happened was a little old power outage. Tuesday night all power was lost at South Park Studios and the new episode could not be completed in time to air tonight. I must say I’m a little surprised this hasn’t happened before. South Park has a long history of delivering the new episodes the night before they air to Comedy Central. After 17 years you would think something would have messed it before now.

So don’t freak out the new episode will air next Wednesday night at the usual time.