If you're like me when you first heard the words "sour beer" you think "So, what's wrong with it?" It's like a guy said at my friends Bar-B-Q joint..."burnt ends on special, how burnt are they?" Sometimes we just don't have the whole story.

On Saturday, January 21st Edgewater Brewery is hosting another Tasting Party, this time focusing on the Sour Beer Project Series!

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

The thought of sour beer may not make your mouth water right away. In fact, your first sip of a sour may make you feel as if something in the beer has gone awry. But you’ll be back for more in no time. From what I've discovered, a good sour beer is difficult to make, but when done right, it’s always a deliciously exciting drink.

According to the experts, sour beers are likely the oldest style of beer in the world, they have just recently started becoming popular in the United States. Americans have jumped on the sour train. Some people don’t like the unique taste of sour beers at first, but most grow to enjoy the interesting, complex, refreshing and crisp brews.

So there you have it. Whether you're already a sour beer fan or like me, just plain curious, it's another brewery tasting party! Get out to Edgewater and try four sour beers and take a look around the brewery!

Tickets are $10 and include a Sour Beer Project glass and some small appetizers during the tasting! Get yours by clicking HERE.
There is a limited number of tickets available!

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