Kannah Creek's Edgewater Brewery is brewing a fundraising IPA.

In the midst of disasters, there are those that step up to help those impacted. The California "Camp Fire" destroyed thousands of homes and displaced many thousands of people. 80 lost their lives in the fire. Local brewery the Sierra Nevada Brewery Company went to work doing what they could to help. They set up the Camp Fire Relief Fund and starting brewing a special Resilience IPA. They requested other breweries across the country to do the same. Here in Grand Junction Kannah Creek's Edgewater Brewery went to work cranking out the special brew.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this special IPA go to the victims of the Califorina wildfires and the Camp Fire Relief Fund. One of the Edgewater's managers, Michael Narducci, once lived in the impacted area. On his visit home for Thanksgiving, he saw the damage first hand. "When you're there, it's so much more different, when you can actually see the actual displaced victims, and they are everywhere in Chico," said Narducci.

The fundraising brew will be on tap starting December 19th. The money from the sale of every drop goes directly to the Camp Fire Fund. So get your beer drinking game on (don't forget a designated driver) and head to either Edgewater or Kannah Creek and knock back a few. Don't forget your growler and fill it up too!


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