What do you do when it doesn't snow? Make it yourself and lots of it. Steamboat Springs and other resorts are setting snowmaking records.

This ski season there has been little to no snow up high. As a result, the snowmakers have been working around the clock. Here's what the Steamboat mountain operations manager has to say "What we've been doing in the last seven days is unheard of." Sounds like they're making allot to me. The good news is that the last several nights have been perfect for making the fake stuff. Low temps, light winds, and low humidity levels make for excellent snow manufacturing. As of Monday, Steamboat had 4 lifts and16 trails in operation.

So far this year it's been dry however there looks to be a weather change on the way.  Sunny skies are expected this week, but the area's predicting a good chance of snow between December 15th through the 26th. If a holiday trip to the slopes is in your Christmas vacation plans, you should be good. Besides, if Mother Nature doesn't corroperate, they'll just keep the machines running.

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