Skipper Island inside the Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area will remain closed.

The wildfire that shut down I-70 back on April 19th and chared nearly 230 acres of the Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area was started by a guy illegally camping in the area. He says he lit some toilet paper to start a campfire and "wasn't paying attention."

That inattention has now caused the entire Skipper Island area of Horsethief Canyon to remain closed throughout the summer. Kirk Oldham, wildlife manager for CP&W, says the area is too hazardous for visitors. "This is going to be closed for at least a couple months," Oldham said. "We're hoping to reopen in the fall, but we will only reopen when we're assured the trees are relatively stable and there are no more burned roots that are smoldering." The remaining portion of Horsethief Canyon is still open to the public.

For the latest on the reopening of Skipper Island or other state park info, just click HERE.

Credit: The Daily Sentinel 

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