Necessity is the mother of invention.

And in this case, the necessity was for this woman to stop stinking so badly.

While Kasia Rothe was pregnant with her first child, her regular deodorant just wasn't doing its job. She stunk, and her husband let her know it.

So, instead of switching brands, this Polish immigrant and her sisters decided they could make a better deodorant.

After some trial and error, they came up with a deodorant recipe that contains only five ingredients, four of which are edible, Detroit's WXYZ-TV reported.

Their deodorant creation is called Pachy, which means "underarm" in Polish and comes in six different scents, including Naughty Butter, Sweet Lemonade, Wild Meadows, Calming Fields, Rough River and Morning Breeze.

Pachy (pronounced 'Pahyi) is made by White Lake, Mich.-based Rustic Maka, the sisters' business with Rothe as CEO.

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