On Tuesday Denver voters approved the measure requiring larger metro buildings to provide rooftop gardens. Is this something Grand Junction would consider?

Before you start chuckling and ask "What kind of garden are you talking about?", It's flowers, plants, and small trees. No weed allowed. Seriously though, is this something that Grand Junction and other Colorado cities would consider?

It's now the law in Denver. On January 1st, buildings of 25,000 square feet or more will be required to devote at least 20% of their rooftop space to a garden. Solar panels are part of the deal too. It's part of the Green Roof Initiative. The Ordinance 300 idea is similar to a law already in place in Toronto. Other larger cities like Chicago and Washinton D.C. already have similar plans in place.

It sounds nice. The Green Roof website lists the following environmental benefits: Creation and Preservation of Habitat and Increasing Biodiversity, Temperature Regulation,  Improved Air Quality, Stormwater Management, and Water Filtration.

The Green Roof site only suggests one negative, cost. But that's a big one. There's not only the cost of installation but maintenance of the space. Voters approved the measure and I'm certain the vast majority don't own or are in any way associated with managing a building space of this size. Do the benefits outweigh the cost? Denver voters thought so. I say "no". What do you think? Any chance something like this may become a reality in Grand Junction?

Credit: CBS Denver


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