First of all, congrats to the Denver Broncos for winning the 2014 AFC Championship and winning their 7th trip to the Super Bowl.  Oddsmakers have this one pretty evenly matched and promises to be a tight game with no clear cut favorites, yet.

But the drama leading up to Super Bowl XLVII or the NY/NJ Super Bowl is stuff dreams are made of. The top defensive team against the top offensive team. A record setting Bronco offense with one of the most dynamic receiving corps the league has seen in 25 years.

What about Champ Bailey finally getting his trip to the Big Game? Or a young Seattle quarterback who talks, plays and carries himself with class beyond his years?

Then there is Richard Sherman.

Love him or hate him Richard Sherman brings passion, honesty, a lack of cool and a large chip on his shoulder. His interview after the NFC Championship game left many mouths agape with his brash, emotional verbal tirade.

I think he handled it wrong, but many never make it this far, so I'll say, 'In The Moment' was his reason for the outburst.

Every once in a while he takes it a little to far. In the Redskins and Seahawks game Sherman was mic'd up and ready to roll. Watch what happens.