Shed hunting has been pushed back until spring.

Back home on a nice late winter afternoon, a walk in the woods searching for whitetail sheds was a great way to spend an afternoon. By now my cabin fever was sky hi! Football season is over and it's still too cold to go fishing so this was an excuse to get out and you never know, you come across some nice antlers.

Here in Colorado deer and elk start shedding their antlers when the colder weather hits. Serious shed hunters are out then too trying to collect the best sheds before they're picked by someone else. The antlers have become popular and a side income for some. They can be created into household furniture, art projects, pet chews, and many believe they have medicinal properties.

All that human activity can put added pressure on deer and elk herds. People out walking around or driving the trails in their ATV's puts the animals on the move. Winter is a challenging time for the herds as food supplies are scarce. The animals need to conserve energy. Because of this Colorado Parks and Wildlife is cracking down on when folks can collect sheds.

Started in 2018 shed collecting is now prohibited until after April 30th. The restriction is for the western half of Colorado. Specifically all of the state west of I-25.

Don't chance it and head out early. If you're found with a shed in your possession, the fine is $50 dollars plus an additional $18 dollar charge per shed. You could lose your hunting and fishing privileges too.  If you're caught with antlers you will have 5 points deducted per shed, with 20 points or more you could lose your hunting and fishing license for up to 5 years. Find out the updated info on shed hunting by clicking HERE.

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