If you know a lot about Colorado's history, you're likely familiar with the mining boom of the late 1800s. You may also be aware that at this time, the town of Cripple Creek was a bit of a miniature Las Vegas with gambling and even a red-light district.

While the red-light district is pretty much a thing of the past, the building that was once a famous brothel still stands and is now a museum. However, it has also been said that the brothel museum is home to numerous spirits that still haunt the building.

The Story of Colorado's Brothel Museum

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The Old Homestead House Museum began as a brothel when back in 1896 Pearl DeVere commissioned the building and opened up shop.

DeVere furnished the brothel with the finest in decorations and furniture and even footed the bill for plumbing for two bathrooms, a phone, and an intercom, all of which were much less common back in the day.

Unfortunately, DeVere would suddenly and tragically pass away at the age of 36 from what was ruled as an accidental morphine overdose. 

However, legend has it that not only did DeVere's spirit stick around, but some of the girls and maybe a few satisfied customers are said to haunt the building all these years later.

Hauntings at Colorado's Brothel Museum

The brothel was turned into a museum back in 1958 and has remained as such ever since.

It has also been said that numerous spirits, including that of DeVere, haunt the building.

The staff of the museum has reported countless paranormal experiences including strange presences, getting the feeling of being touched, and spotting actual apparitions that appear to belong to former employees of the brothel.

Now that you know its story, take a look around Colorado's brothel museum, The Old Homestead House Museum:

See Inside Colorado’s Allegedly Haunted Brothel Museum

The Old Homestead is known as the last of Cripple Creek’s notorious parlour houses which currently serves as a museum and is said to be haunted as well.

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