Ta-Dah! Have you ever seen a bridge removed... in one piece? The Delores River Bridge has been removed while remaining intact. Check out the photos.

For their next magic trick, SEMA Construction, Inc. will make a 747 and an elephant disappear.

The bridge was built in 1952. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. This particular bridge is one of only ten intact steel through-truss bridges remaining in the state of Colorado.

The SEMA CDOT SH 90 Bedrock, CO Bridge Replacement Project (whew! say that twice) successfully managed to remove the 65-year-old bridge in one big chuck. Next, it will be dismantled for transport.

You will no doubt agree this is a pretty neat trick. Why was it important to remove the bridge in one piece rather than just demolish it?  After its components are relocated, the bridge will be reassembled and put to use for a future bike/pedestrian path.

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