I would love some green ham, I will eat it in the morning, I will eat it in the evening. I will eat it in my bed, I will eat it till my eyes turn red! Dr Seuss would be proud of this butcher in Seattle who apparently feeds his pigs weed -- creating the world's first "green ham."

William von Schneidau of Seattle's BB Ranch butcher feeds his pigs spent vodka grains from Project V Distillery of Woodinville in hopes to produce better meat, but that's not the strangest thing he feeds his pigs. Von Schneidau stated in a video for BB Ranch that he began feeding his pigs marijuana, and began calling them "Pot Pigs."

So how high do these pigs get after consuming the fresh herby greens? Not all mammals have receptors for the THC, but pigs do, and the four that ate this enhanced feed really had the munchies and added more weight and were likely more lazy and laid-back than their non-stoner pig friends.

Matt McAlman of Top Shelf, the marijuana co-op where BB Ranch gets their green from, says says the stems and leaves added to the feed has a high cannabinoid content so these little piggies could have been really stoned.

But can we get stoned by consuming the pot-laced pork? We're not sure, but what we do know is that we wouldn't mind trying!


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