Numerous Delta County schools are on lockdown while authorities are searching for a man on the run. The man running from the police has multiple warrants out for his arrest.

Fred H. Houghton IV is believed to a part of a criminal activity and has multiple arrest warrants out. Garnet Mesa Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Vision School and Delta High School are the schools on lockdown. The locked down is a precautionary measure as the man was fleeing from the police in the Garnet Mesa Area.

If you have any information, call 970-874-2015 to speak with dispatch. Houghton has short brown hair, hazel eyes and is over 6 feet tall and around 185 pounds. He was last seen in a long-sleeved green shirt, jeans, with a black hat and sunglasses. He's running from the police, with no shoes. I wonder how far he'll get.

Source: KCCO

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