If you're thinking about getting a friend or family member Rodney Carrington tickets for Christmas, you need to act fast!
The show's at The Avalon Theatre Sunday, January 29th. At last count, over 700 tickets have been sold.
Ray Michaels


I spent some time on the Monumental Events website and searched for 2 tickets. Seats in the lower level middle are all but gone. Only a few scatted seats remained in that section. There were a few more in the lower side sections but only near the back. There are a few more in the Lower Mezzanine sections. The middle section only had a couple scatted seats available. The upper sections still have seats together. If you're planning to attend in a group of more than 2, I'd not wait much longer if you want to sit together.

That's the most accurate update I can give you. No question Rodney tickets would make a great stocking stuffer. But you must act fast! We'll see you at the show.

Tickets Priced $41-$190. All Seats Reserved.  Buy online at Monumental Events website. For more information or to purchase tickets over the phone call 800-626-8497.