National Parks prep for a government shutdown.

As the clock ticks down to a possible government shutdown, the parks are preparing too. If you are heading to a National Park this weekend, here's what to except...The visitor centers will be closed. Winter's not a peak season for camping but so you know, all campgrounds will be closed as well. The entrance stations will be unmanned. There will be no trash removal either. No decision has been made as of yet how to handle National Park "full service" restrooms. Because of Rocky Mountian National Parks elevation, they and other mountain parks will have snow removal issues. There is snowfall in the forecast for this weekend. Also too, there would only be a handful of staff available to respond in case of an emergency.

In a nutshell, you can still visit your favorite national park or memorial. If the government does shut down, there will be very limited facilities and staff. The National Park Service says that war memorials and "open-air" parks in the nation’s capital would remain open.

There's always uncertainty when it comes to these types of situations. However, the National Park Service has been doing this deal for over 100 years. Their effort will be to serve you, and the parks, to their best of abilities regardless of the circumstances.

If a trip to a National Park or Monument was in your plans for this weekend, perhaps postponing to another weekend might be the better option.

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