A group of roommates were horrified when they discovered a creepy "stalker shrine" in the attic of their Melbourne townhouse.

After being tipped off by a previous tenant that there was "something up in the roof," the housemates decided to explore the attic of their rented townhouse.

What they found was a disturbing and unsettling display of items dating back to the early 1990s. The possessions appeared to be organized as a shrine to an unidentified man.

Methodically pinned to a bare brick wall were many curled-up, negative photos showing images of an athletic young man wearing an Aussie Rules football jersey.

Nearby, a leather jacket and tattered pair of jeans hung on a hanger.

And, of course, no nightmarish shrine is truly complete without Ziploc bags containing old Band-Aids, used cigarettes and hair — all of which were also present.

"It was really, really scary stuff," Matt Martin, whose girlfriend is a tenant in the house, told news.com.au.

"Everyone in the house was pretty much terrified," Martin added. "There was some creepy stuff up there."

In an attempt to get some answers, Martin, his girlfriend and her housemates reached out to both the real estate agent and landlord.

The response from the landlord didn't ease their concerns: "They said don't worry about moving it. I don't think they've actually seen all the stuff."

On TikTok, Martin shared a video exposing the bizarre items found in the home. Naturally, many users who commented were rattled and urged him to contact the police.

"We called the hotline, and they pretty much just said if there's no body parts don't worry about it," Martin explained, adding he thinks "one of us is going to have to do the dirty work and get it all down and throw it all out to make sure it's all gone."

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

The current owners of the four-bedroom house in Melbourne's Fitzroy district purchased the home in 2016. They made renovations to the house but did not touch the loft.

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