Grand Junction and Fruita are in the running for Colorado's top adventure town. These are the reasons why Grand Junction and Fruita should win.

Elevation Outdoors is asking people to vote for Colorado's top adventure town. Grand Junction and Fruita have made it to the second round of voting. You can vote now until September 20th.

There's a lot of other towns up for the running like Aspen, Durango, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Idaho Springs, Crested Butte and much more. I won't tell you to vote or who to vote for, but I will give you a few reasons why Grand Junction and Fruita should win.

Kayaking + Rafting

With the intersection of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers in the Grand Valley, we've got plenty of water to play around in. This makes for plenty of space to go kayaking, paddleboarding, and rafting.

Snowboarding + Skiing

We've got the Grand Mesa in the Grand Valley's backyard. Snowboarding, skiing and snowman making are all adventures waiting to happen.

Mountain Biking

Fruita is a world-class mountain biking destination.  There are so many trails to choose from like 18 Road Trails, Kokopelli Trails, Lunch Loop Trails and Rabbit Valley. There's a trail for everyone.


Lakes, rivers, reservoirs, creeks, ponds, canals - we got them all. There are over 300 lakes on the Grand Mesa alone. I caught my very first rainbow trout, ever, right here in the Grand Valley!

Dirt Biking + ATVing

There are miles and miles of trails to ride on a dirt bike or ATV. You can even ride along the Trail Through Time, featuring 140-million-year-old dinosaur fossils.


The only questions you have to ask yourself if you want to hike in the Grand Valley -- is how far do you want to go and what do you want to see? With hikes ranging anywhere from mountains to riverfront trails, to a canyon hike where you can see well-preserved petroglyphs. 

Rock Climbing

Deep canyons and massive boulders make the Grand Valley the ultimate destination for rock climbing. Unaweep Canyon has 25 miles of granite cliffs, cracks, boulders and crags which make for some great rock climbing.

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