Studies have shown that one in five vacationers suffers some sort of injury or mishap on a trip. Recently, a Cruise ship in Norway got stuck in some massive waves. The crew and passengers had to be evacuated by helicopter.


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I came across some interesting (and shocking) "vacation fails" that People magazine found on Reddit. Here's my top three in the crazy category.

1. “My parents got into a huge fight and decided they wanted a divorce on the second day of a week-long vacation at Disney World. It was the most awful week of my life.”

2. “An elderly woman died three seats over from me after 1 hour into a 7-hour flight.”

3. “I spent eight days in Colorado. It rained every day until the day we left. Our cabin leaked so much that it was a maze weaving between all the buckets on the floor inside. And best of all, I tripped while running on a river of rocks and cracked my head open.”

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