Separating business from pleasure is extremely difficult for many of us living in Grand Junction.

It's vacation time. We need to get away, we want to get away, but yet in the midst of that time away we find ourselves not only checking work emails but responding to them. Some people have jobs that allow for a total disconnect during vacation while others aren't so fortunate. It's not like you're actually having to do any work related tasks, but it feels necessary to respond to emails from work.

I recently asked our Facebook followers if they check in with work while they are on vacation. The results were pretty much split right down the middle between those who do and those who don't.

Sheri is in the camp of workers who just can't get entirely away from the job, and I know a lot of people can relate to this. Questions and issues come up and somehow you are the only one who has the answer - and it can't wait until next week - apparently.

I'm definitely with Randall on this one. It's very easy for me to check work emails on my phone while I'm away and I don't mind doing it. I like to know what's going on. But, I will only respond if there is an urgent issue that absolutely requires my attention. Even then, I don't really mind. Taking 60 seconds to respond to an email seems far better than having to make a trip into the office.

Chad, I want to be more like you. When it's vacation time, there's no work and no discussion of work. I'm not there yet, but one day maybe I can get there.

Of course, there are others with strong feelings about mixing work with vacation. No way, no how, not ever.

Plenty of others said no, just not as emphatically as Virgil and Jeff.

Like I said, some jobs simply will not allow for a total disconnect. However, sometimes the inability to disconnect has more to do with our inability to say no than it is a necessity. If you are one of those, I want to give you some encouragement to stand up and say no to work when you're on vacation. If an entire week is just too long for you to totally stay away, try doing it for just one entire day. Then try and go two days without checking in. With time and some will power and determination, perhaps you can become a definite NO when it comes to working when you're supposed to be enjoying some much needed time off.

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