This swollen character has been missing all summer. No longer, The Puffed Up Prince is back in his proper place downtown.
Downtown Grand Junction is certainly something to be proud of. To have such a cool area for shopping, farmer's markets, bike races, and concerts, it's not the case everywhere. The art showcased along Main Street is one of the features that makes it special.
One of its key players has been MIA all summer. Wednesday morning the Puffed Up Prince was returned to his proper place. Not to be alarmed. He wasn't stolen or anything like that, he was out getting a fresh coat of patina.
It's part of the ongoing effort to keep the downtown displays looking sharp through the Downtown Development Authorities "Art on the Corner" program. In case you're wondering there are 101 permanent pieces of art on display downtown with anywhere from 10 to 20 temporary works of art added in each year.
Cool to know the big guys back. And ladies, now that The Puffed Up Prince has been all cleaned up, words still out on if the correctly applied kiss will transform this guy into the man of your dreams.

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