On Saturday, Governor Hickenlooper will be inaugurating the new holiday from the main stage at 4th and Main at noon. Colorado is the first to create a holiday to celebrate its public lands. So as you enjoy the live music and the Off-Road Bike Race takes some time to appreciate this uniquely Colorado holiday.

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That day is Saturday, May 20. Every year from now on residents will celebrate Public Lands Day as an official state holiday recognizing the significance of the more than 24 million acres. What that land means to the state's economy and to those that love the outdoors. The holiday will occur on the third Saturday in May each year, beginning this weekend.

Democrat Kerry Donovan sponsored this bill that created the nation’s first, and only, Public Lands Day state holiday. It took months before being passed by a bipartisan majority. The politics aside, the holiday is here and yet another reason to get downtown to enjoy the celebration.

I have the honor of introducing Zolopht this Friday night on the main stage. I'm not a politician but it's still cool to be a small part of this weekend's festivities. We'll see you there.

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