Wonder how many unexpected pregnancies are the result of being so excited and not wanting to open a box, then open a plastic wrapper, and then still having to figure out how to put the condom on, so forget you just forget it... That is no longer an excuse! All thanks to Pronto Condoms

The condoms, originally released in South Africa to prevent the spread of HIV, boast an application time of less than four seconds. A BBC article reported that after looking into the research on the AIDS problem in South Africa, van Rensburg concluded that many people were not using condoms largely because they found them difficult to use: “People find it's a passion-killer and they're willing to take their chances."

The condom is designed with a plastic applicator that allows you to roll it on without touching the latex itself and the packaging has a corrugated seam that you crack open while holding onto either side of the plastic applicator. Not only is the speed a boon to the promotion of safe sex, the applicator also ensures that the condom is on properly.

However, the sad news is that they are only available in South Africa for now...