The Best Condom Ads You Probably Haven’t Seen
There are number of condom commercials that never see the light of day for one reason or another, so I thought I would share a few that probably haven’t seen before. It isn’t a big secret that these ads make some people more than a little uncomfortable but those peopl…
Pronto Condoms - On and Ready to Go in 4 Seconds
Wonder how many unexpected pregnancies are the result of being so excited and not wanting to open a box, then open a plastic wrapper, and then still having to figure out how to put the condom on, so forget you just forget it... That is no longer an excuse! All thanks to Pronto Condoms.
How About a law Suit With that Happy Ending Meal
A Chicago diner has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s in a Cook County Court for something her children ate. Anishi Spencer filed the suit on Wednesday on behalf of her two and three year old sons. The family had gone to the local McDonald’s, ordered their food and w…
You’re Not All Magnums — Study Shows Men Ignore Condom Sizes
Some of us dudes are packing a bit more wiener than sense, according to a new study which shows that despite efforts to educate, many men still choose not to use condoms. The biggest complaint? They say their meat-stick simply will not fit into a one-size-fits-all rubber. We have the opposite p…

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