A bobcat in Colorado Springs got himself caught up in a bad situation -- a soccer net. This poor kitty got stuck in a soccer net, but thankfully, made it out okay.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared pictures of the bobcat reminding people that this is the very reason you should take sports nets down. CPW tweeted:

ATTN sports fans. Here's why we ask you to take down sports nets when not in use. This bobcat was trapped in a soccer net in the Golden Hills area of Colorado Springs. This bobcat was lucky. It escaped with its life. Others injure themselves or die frantically trying to escape.

I doubt this bobcat was trying out his soccer skills, I think he just got caught in a bad place. I'm so happy this poor kitty is okay. If I got caught up in some weird net thing, I'd definitely freak out too.

The bobcat's expression in the photos just says 'I'm not sure how this happened, but please help me and get me out of here.'

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