A father and son from Indiana who killed a bear outside of the hunting zone received a hunting ban that will extend to most of the United States.

56-year-old Dan Roe and his 28-year-old son Alex were banned for 20 years and 15 years, respectively for killing the bear at a landfill then leaving it to rot, hidden under trash.

The two men had a valid hunting permit for bear but had gone far outside the hunting area when they spotted the bear at the landfill.

The two apparently shot and killed the bear in Pitkin County in 2016 and removed its head and hide, then covered it in the trash and left it there.

The men appealed the ruling but failed to show up for the appeal meeting and so received the sentence that will leave them few places to hunt going forward.

Hunting rules are in place for a reason and when a hunter goes outside of those rules to get their trophy, this is what happens. A 15 and 20-year ban will leave them a lot of time to think over what they had done.

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