New combatants from two Sony exclusives are joining the All-Stars Battle Royale fight, and will be free for two weeks.

Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmet from Starhawk are now available as downloadable characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Both fighters will be free for two weeks, after which they will cost $4.99 each. Sony originally promised these characters would be free when they were announced last year, but didn't disclose when they'd be available.

Kat is a close combat fighter, with the ability to use some of her gravity warping abilities in the arena. Her level three attack summons a massive black hole that deals instant death to any opponent sucked into the vortex. Emmet will bring Starhawk's "Build and Battle" mantra with him, which allows him to drop weapons into the arena for use. When releasing his level three super attack, Emmet hops into a Hawk mech, stomping and blasting everyone who gets in his way.

Which of the new characters are you most excited to use? Who do you hope Sony adds next?