The lakes in southeast Colorado are back in a big way.

These so-called “prairie lakes” are experiencing a big come back. Several years of high water in the region is producing some of the best fishing in Colorado.

It's a long drive over to John Martin Reservoir but it may be worth the effort. This lake, as well as Nee Noshe, Nee Gronda, Queens, Adobe Creek and Two Buttes are loaded with saugeye, wiper, crappie, catfish and more.

Given their locations, these lakes can suffer during dry weather and low water levels. Continued dry conditions nearly wrecked these once great fisheries. The good news is they appear to back and perhaps better than ever. The combination of more available water and an aggressive stocking program have led to some of the best fishing in Colorado.

Nee Noshe and Queens Reservoirs are back with water levels closer to normal.  The Hybrid or "Wiper" fishing is really good along with quality populations of crappie, Saugeye, catfish and bass.  Adobe Creek Reservoir has excellent crappie fishing, with fish up to 12 inches regularly reeled in. Now that's some good eating! Nearby Nee Gronda reservoir is filling well too and should return to greatness in a year or two.

It's time to plan a trip! The crappie spawn will be on soon! However, the fishing should be good throughout the summer.  The saugeye fishing will peak in late May through June.  Hybrid and white bass are really aggressive and fun to catch during the warmer weather. Fish those wind-blown flats and points and keep an eye out for schooling activity as they'll likely keying on the shad activity.

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