Peskey Suicide is a 21-year-old SuicideGirl from Pennsylvania. In addition to about a zillion other things, she's into nudity and Starbucks, though probably not at the same time… Then again, did you say that you needed a coffee break? Us too!

Peskey has made wonderful, titillating use of her body as a canvas which displays her personality. She has eight tattoos, but none more impressive than the portrait of sensual dancer, singer and actress Josephine Baker, who was also a leading figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. Heady stuff, but that's the point: Peskey isn't just about the PowerPuff Girls, who are featured in one of her other tats.

Unfortunately for you, dude, Peskey is NOT INTO hairy chests, double chins, flat butts or ugly, poorly-done, cheap tattoos. So, grab a razor, hit the gym and get that silly tattoo removed by a laser.

NAME: Peskey Suicide

AGE: 21

LOCATION: Pennsylvania

OCCUPATION: Vampire slayer

MAKES HER HAPPY: Kissing; walking around the city at night; summertime; ice cream and Kit-Kat bars; good hair days; going to shows; living my American dream; girls who don't play the victim; girls who consider most guys play toys; ugly dolls; awesome designs on not-so awesome t-shirts; designer bags; wordplay; confidence; intelligence; flirting; cuddling; laughing; naps; dancing in (and out of) my underwear.

MAKES HER SAD: I don't get sad; I get violently angry.

INTO: Brownies, being a b*tch, eye makeup, sex, ink, metal, leather, lace, boys, girls, fun, wrestling, peacock feathers, swan wings, pearls, glitter, writing, modeling, diamonds, sapphires, gold, nudity, technology, hardcore/punk/industrial/metalcore/screamo/alternative/hip-hop/jazz/soul/pop/indie/some country music, the life-saving god known as Starbucks, sunglasses, sunflowers, beaches.

NOT INTO: Racism, depression, illiteracy, boys overcompensating for things they can't control because they think that's what men do, misogyny, lies, faking orgasms, trying too hard to create works of 'art,' style biting/copying, hypocrites, sanctimonious hipsters, stereotypes, pubic hair, hairy chests, double chins, furries, chores, ignorance, ugly, poorly-done, cheap tattoos, flat butts.

BODY MODS: 1. Two brass knuckle tattoos; one on each hip 2. Gloomy bear tattoo on left arm 3. Dermal anchor on tummy 4. Monroe 5. Stretched lobes: size 7/16" presently. 6. Bridge piercing 7. PowerPuff Girls in two hearts on left upper arm 8. Chest piece: 'Is Not Living Wanting To Be Different' (Friedrich Nietzsche, 'Beyond Good and Evil') 9. 'Always' on my left inner arm 10. 'Never' on my right inner arm 11. Josephine Baker portrait; left forearm

SHE SPENDS MOST OF HER FREE TIME: Holed up in my room touching myself; making googley eyes at random passersby; fantasizing, singing, biting my lip, starting novels and never finishing them, shaking (or posing) my a** for $$$.

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