In case you missed it, this past Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, scantily clad and doing a lot of shaking. However, almost immediately after the performance was over, I noticed a lot of negativity toward the halftime show. So, I posted a Facebook question asking what you thought about the show, here are the results.

Much like what I saw after the performance, the responses were pretty much split down the middle. A lot of people enjoyed the halftime show, while just as many people thought it was in bad taste; too risque for a family-friendly audience.

Some of the negative comments were in regard to the over-sexualized nature of the performance. Tina said that it was inappropriate for anyone under 21, Vikki commented that the stripper poles were unnecessary, and Heather said that she nearly jumped out of her seat when "J-Lo's crotch came flying at" her.

However, some of the negative comments focused more on the music not fitting the vibe of the Super Bowl or football in general. Charlie said that despite the women being pretty, a lot of people don't care for that type of music and that it was basically a cash grab. Mark had a similar opinion, asking "how about some rock and roll for a change?"

Despite the negative comments, there were just as many positive reactions to the show. In fact, Kirsty, who is from Australia, had a good point. She noted that American football's cheerleaders are just as provocative and that as an Australian, she doesn't believe in all the "frou frou poofy girl nonsense they wear."

Regardless of all of this, the Super Bowl halftime show definitely got people talking, for better or worse, and at the end of the day, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira undoubtedly benefitted from it.

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