Again, I'm sure most of you know about the Wildwood Trailhead just inside the Colorado National Monument. I recently explored it for the first time and thought it cool that hikes this spectacular were just minutes from my doorstep.

The Wildwood Trailhead is the jumping off place for a couple of the most popular hikes in the Monument.

Ray Michaels

There is the challenging (I've yet to try it) Liberty Cap trail. It's a very rocky and challenging hike that affords a rapid ascent of the Monument’s upper walls to the summit dome called the Liberty Cap. Word is the view from the cap provides for the best view of the valley combined with the most interesting trail features along the way.

Ray Michaels

The Corkscrew trail gets its name from winding back and forths that make up the south stretch of the hike. The hike feels like "real" mountain climbing with the bluffs and cliffs.

Pretty awesome, and all within a couple miles of town. Another reason Junction is so cool. But of course, you already know that. The weather looks to be nearly perfect this weekend. Get out and enjoy the amazing sights and sounds right outside your door.