The wet weather is causing slide issues on Rim Rock Drive and along trails.

For starters, Corkscrew Trail inside the Colorado National Monument is closed. According to Monument officials " Corkscrew trail is closed until further notice. The trail was damaged by a significant rockfall. Hazardous Conditions Present." Also, Rim Rock Drive is open but use caution. There are icy spots, especially along shaded areas.

The wet weather is creating conditions for increased rock slides this spring. As the weather warms and the snow melts, that along with rain can cause rocks to come loose creating slides along the roads and trails inside the Monument.

So far, most of the slides have been limited and the rocks the smaller variety. However, in the days and weeks to come to the slides will likely become more frequent and the rocks bigger. The Monument staff is working hard to keep the roads and trails clear but can't always keep up. If you're visiting and notice rocks on the road or a trail, please report the information by contacting the Visitor's Center at (970) 858- 3617

Always remember safety first and continue to use caution while inside the Monument. "Go slow, go the speed limit, even less than the speed limit when you're going around those corners, even if you've just traveled the road and you're backtracking, it's possible for a rock to have come down on the road in between time, so we're really asking motorist to slow down," says Arlene Jackson, Chief of Interpretation at Colorado National Monument.

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