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Pawnee Buttes National Grassland may not be the most popular hiking destination in Colorado, but those who want to find it are in for a special treat.

Located in northeastern Colorado about 25 miles northeast of Greeley, the Pawnee Buttes stand out like a couple of sore thumbs just begging you to take a closer look. The Pawnee Buttes National Grassland is comprised of nearly 200,000 acres in a 30-by-60-mile area.

There are opportunities for hiking, camping, picnicking, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. Pronghorn, mule deer, birds, coyotes, prairie dogs, and snakes are some of the wildlife you might encounter on your visit.

The hiking trails in the area of the buttes are easy, but you'll want to have good hiking shoes or boots to protect against the cactus, and a watchful eye for snakes if you visit during warmer weather.

There is a nice pavilion to protect you from the weather in case of rain, or if you want to have a picnic. There are places you can have a campfire if you want to roast some wienies and marshmallows.

There is no entrance fee for Pawnee Buttes. Just bring a map, water, camera, and expect a fun, windy day.

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