The P.O.D. tour came to Grand Junction on Tuesday night and rocked out downtown. 

The Mesa Theatre hosted the band known as P.O.D. (Payable On Death) as they brought afour band tour to Grand Junction. I packed house rocked out for almost five hours as six different bands took to the stage. It was an all ages show, and all ages from 7 to 70 were there to enjoy a lot of great music.

The show opened with Grand Junction's own Sole Aggression, who have been playing since 1993.

The band Augmented took the stage second to keep the head bangin' going.

Third on the night was five woman rockers know as The Dead Deads from Nashville, TN. These women had a great sound and were there all night for pictures and autographs.

War of Ages blew out next playing their speed metal hits and whipping the moshers into a frenzy.

HED P.E. was the first of the headliners, playing a mix of rock, metal and reggae. The crowd was on their feet and singing along for the entire set.

Last but not least, P.O.D. took the stage and brought everyone to their feet to end the night.

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