I just finished an incredibly awesome 12-mile roundtrip hike to the summit of a 14'er that had an almost 4000-foot elevation gain and took nearly 8 hours to complete. Now...if that sounds miserable to you and your thinking, that's why I don't hike, you're in luck.

Thankfully, we have a LOT of hikes here in Colorado that aren't like that and can be just as rewarding. If you're looking to get outside and enjoy some scenery and NOT have to do a "crazy climb" this hike, in particular, could just very well be one of the best in the state where you don't have to do a ton of work for an epic payoff...a stunning waterfall.

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According to All Trails, this is about a 1/2 mile hike with an elevation gain of a little less than 100 feet to an overlook bridge that has some beautiful views.

The trail is located in stunning Ouray, Colorado, and requires a small $5 fee to park. It is great for all skill levels and ages, however just a heads up that no dogs are allowed on this particular trail.

Something to keep in mind, especially if you're heading to check out a waterfall, this time of year may not be the best time of year to see waters raging off the falls since it's the dry season but that should not detract you from checking this place out, it's not for me because I know my 6 years old would LOVE to walk through that cool canyon/cave area.

That's the cool thing about this hike, even if the falls aren't filled with water, the area itself looks absolutely beautiful.

So far, my favorite waterfall hike (and I've only taken a few of those since I've been here) but good old Horsetooth Falls is one that is in our backyard and just an awesome spot.

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM

Whether you're looking for an easy waterfall hike or ANY kind of hike that doesn't require a ton of work, there are plenty of sweet spots in Colorado...check some of the best that aren't too far away HERE.

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