The city of Denver is very different than its surrounding mountain communities, but that doesn't mean this downtown destination is any less beautiful. From detailed murals to lush parks, colorful statues, and diverse architecture, beauty is everywhere you look - even in Denver's urban landscape.

Colorado's bustling capital is also home to one of the most beautiful elevated walkways through nature.

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Denver's Arkins Promenade takes walking in the city to a whole new level. According to Architectural Digest, this elevated pathway along the South Platte River is one of the best in the world.

Take a Stroll Through Arkins Promenade

This elevated path takes nature walks to new heights.

Some of AD's other highly-rated elevated walkways through nature can be found in Germany, California, and South Africa.

Check out more of Denver's RiNo District below.

Explore Denver's Colorful RiNo Art District

Denver's trendy River North Art District features contemporary art galleries, hip concert venues, and fun bars and restaurants while incorporating historic charm with modern creativity throughout the area.

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