Oktoberfest Amped is less than two weeks away. It's time to get my beer drinking game on.

In a little friendly competition, a few of us Oktoberfest got together to check out the beer steins you'll get at Oktoberfest Amped!.

Filled with a local Oktoberfest seasonal brew, which is rather tasty I must say, but slamming a 32-ounce brew isn't easy.

I had kind of prepared for the bloat of downing all that beer at once. I wasn't prepared for the brain freeze I experienced as I slugged down the cold suds. I finished a respectable second but it's obvious I've got more training to do.

Oktoberfest Amped! is Saturday, October 14. Here’s what you need to know.

  • 2 pm – 6 pm
  • Saturday, October 14th at the Amp at Las Colonias Park
  • 5 local bands
  • 12 local breweries (including wine + cider)

Every ticket, other than the designated driver’s ticket, comes with a free 12-ounce beer. You can even buy a commemorative glass stein with your ticket too! After drinking out of one of those bad boys, you definitely want to take one home.

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