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Grand Junction authorities want to make the community aware of a sexually violent predator (SVP) living in the Grand Junction city limits.

In this case, the offender is 40-year-old Brice Arnold, who currently resides at Community Corrections at 650 South Avenue. His offense, related to this community notification is attempted sexual assault - overcome victims will, which took place in 2016 outside of Mesa County. His other convictions include aggravated burglary and 3rd-degree assault.

According to the Grand Junction Police Department, when a sex offender is released from prison and is determined to be a sexually violent predator, community notification is given to "enhance public safety and protection."

The accompanying video, provided by the Grand Junction Police Department, has some valuable information about sex crimes and sex offenders in general. It also points to the fact that sex offenders have the same needs for housing and jobs as regular citizens. Harassment, threats, and intimidation of sex offenders are criminal and those engaging in such behaviors will be prosecuted.

It's important to be informed about the behavior of sex offenders and how they operate. Parents should have a conversation with their kids about sex offenders and how to stay safe. There is some great advice in the video for parents.

There are currently 286 registered sex offenders living in Grand Junction. You can see where they are living on the SOTAR website.

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