It's official. Last night the Grand Junction City Council decided to change North Avenue to University Boulevard. I still don't understand why.

About a month or so ago I shared the news that city officials were considering the change. The argument for the change was to embrace Colorado Mesa University and help identify the city with the college. To "raise the visibility of the university in the community." The change becomes official in March of 2018.

Ray Miichaels
Ray Michaels
The measure was approved with a five to two vote. Word has it there were several residents present to voice their options. I wasn't among the ones at the meeting, and since I'm new to the area my opinion may not carry much weight, but I tend to side with those opposed. Not that it's a bad idea. We now know the project will cost about $22,000. Perhaps that money would be better spent elsewhere?
As I had mentioned too in my previous post, a name change is no easy feat. The change will impact every business from one end to the other. Some businesses have the name "North" in their name. However, I do still stand behind my previous statement "the name University does sound smarter."

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