This woman is definitely ready for St. Patrick's Day.

We have to take a moment to salute this lady for her stunning trick -- she guzzles an entire glass of beer without using hands because if there's anything that's annoying it's having to use appendages to quench our thirst.

She's definitely got a talent and we think she ought to consider going on some sort of drinking tour with this one-second wonder of chugging.

This is a skill that comes in handy a few times a year, particularly St. Patrick's Day when, for some, drinking is as much a part of those 24 hours as loops of "Jump Around."

And then, of course, there's the cool trick we think she can do where she double fists and single mouths. Yup, she could commandeer three beers. If she could also somehow wear one of those hats with the straws on either side funneling to her mouth she'd be the most important St. Patrick's Day revelation since Irish soda bread.

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