Ramiro Fuentes caught his biggest fish yet at Home Lake State Wildlife Area in Monte Vista. Just look at this giant carp, which is 40 inches long and 30 pounds.

Look at that extremely content smile on Ramiro's face. If I caught something like this, I'd be looking real happy too. And turns out that Ramiro wasn't even fishing for carp when he caught this monster, he was fishing for catfish.


He told us that he had his first rod in and was about to cast out his second when his line started to run off the first rod. Ramiro had to run over to stop the huge fish from taking his rod into the lake.

Ramiro was fishing with a worm on a spinning reel when he caught this carp. Even though he wasn't fishing for one, he got a big one. This carp is short of the state record by 17 pounds.

He also said that he doesn't usually keep fish, especially if he's not going to eat it, but in this case, he made an exception. Ramiro is getting this giant carp mounted to remember this moment forever.

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