You wouldn't exactly call it an 'Ocean's 11' heist, but it still seems rare to hear of a Las Vegas casino getting robbed.

According to News 3 Las Vegas, New York-New York's main cage was robbed at around 2 a.m. on Thursday, June 11, 2020. Yes, you heard right, the main cage. It just seems crazy.

When I first heard that a Las Vegas casino had been robbed, I thought it would turn out to be some rinky-dink casino on the outskirts of town, not a major casino like New York-New York.

The suspect got away with an 'undetermined' amount of money, and remained at large for two hours. He was then apprehended across the boulevard at the MGM Grand.

Well, at least he tried. Honestly, all I could think of when I read this story was the scene from 'Ocean's 11' where they talk about people who tried and failed to rob Las Vegas casinos:

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