The Rifle Police Department dog is retiring. The replacements are being trained to ignore marijuana.

The veteran dogs can't be "untrained" to ignore weed but the new recruits are being trained to do so. This new protocol is being enacted not only in Rifle but in police departments statewide. As older dogs are replaced by the younger they're being trained to not respond positively to marijuana.

Being a new resident of Colcorado I wondered about this. If you were pulled over for a traffic violation and the dog was sniffing around wouldn't they react positively if you had weed on you? The answer is yes but since you're in a state where recreational weed is legal is that just a "no big deal" moment or does that leave you suspected of something more?

In the months and years to come until all Colorado law enforcement dogs are trained to ignore weed we'll be in this kind of "in between" moment. Good luck to all the new trainee drug dogs! Here's to one less thing for them to worry about.

Credit: 9News

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