Picture this - you live in an upscale neighborhood, you purchased your own really nice home, and you love sitting out on your back patio at night and enjoying the sounds of birds and crickets chirping. Naturally, you'd be a little upset if those quiet nights were replaced with blaring music and cars parked all along your street, right?

They say that change is the only constant we can count on, and often times it's uncomfortable.

Well, this is the reason that a number of people are upset about the prospect of a massive concert venue, Colorado's newest amphitheater, moving in down the street from their little slice of paradise.

A New Amphitheater May Come to Colorado

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The above scenario may become a reality for some Colorado Springs residents as there are currently plans to build a new 8,000-seat amphitheater in the city.

The venue will be known as Sunset Amphitheater and will be located near I-25 and North Gate Boulevard.

However, residents of this area are quite concerned about the venue and have a lot of questions and complaints already. These citizens are concerned about where 8,000 people are going to park during each concert, the traffic that the concerts will bring, and of course, the noise.

The man behind the idea, businessman J.W. Roth, has already addressed some of these concerns and has laid out plans to supply enough parking for the concert-goers, but that's not good enough for many.

A hearing was held on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022 to address concerns from the public primarily related to noise, traffic, and parking issues with regard to the potential new venue and it would seem that a lot will need to be hashed out in order for the venue to arrive in 2024 as planned.

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