Is there such a thing as too many places to grab a cup of coffee? I don't think so and it appears Grand Junction is getting another.

It's in the old Pink's Bar-B-Q location at 1012 North 5th Street inside the Menagerie Square shopping center. There is renovation being done inside and there's a "Coming Soon" sign in the front window. The name of the place caught my eye. My last radio job was in Topeka, Kansas and the name of this new place is Copeka Coffee. It's so close that every time I go to type the name, my computer wants to autocorrect to my old stomping grounds.

Whoever is going to open the store will jumping into a competitive market. There are several local favorites. Octopus Coffee at 443 North 6th isn't far away. Grand Junction Mountain Grind Coffee is at 936 North Avenue too. Roasted Espresso & Subs have a solid following, just to name a few.

Best of luck to the new business owners. I hope that Copeka Coffee is a big success. Like I said there really can't be too many quality coffee shops.


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