Here is some good news for those of us that frequent the Colorado Riverfront Trail.

The parking lot on 29 Road adjacent to the Riverfront Trail is now open. Parking is free and you've got easy access to the trail.

There are signs posted on 29 Road indicating where to turn for the parking low, however, I offer you a word of caution. If you are traveling south on 29 Road, do not take the first left turn after the sign. That happens to be a private drive. Take the second left and follow the road into the parking area. Northbound travelers will take the first right past the sign.

For those that aren't familiar with the Riverfront Trail, it's an on-going project to connect Palisade with Fruita, with several places where you can stop and park to access the trail. Whether you are hiking or biking, jogging or strolling, you can access the trail from a variety of convenient points.

I have traversed the trail from 32 1/2 Road to 29 Road, but now have the option to start at 29 Road and travel east. The parking lot is fairly large and can accommodate quite a few cars. I expect plenty of trailer users will be utilizing this parking lot as they become aware of it.


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