The Ouray Ice Park is a great place to go ice climbing.

It's also a great place to learn how. Man-made ice and a place to climb it as close as Ouray. With a number of different places to climb, with a number of different difficulty levels make this the place to go to get your climbing fix.

A non-profit organization, the Ouray Ice Park exists because of the people who love ice. Climbing it, shaping it, playing in it, all things ice. And if that's not enough, January marks the return of the Ouray Ice Festival. Returning January 24-27 as the main fundraiser for the year, it always brings out the best in all who love to climb ice.

During the three-day festival enthusiasts will find out about more gear for the new season, attend clinics talking about climbing ice as well as what new clothing you can get to make your climbs even more fun and less, well, freezing.

Don't forget to hang around at night, because the parties keep going! Food, a silent auction and a lot of music will keep you hopping all three days.

Come climb some ice in Ouray. It will change your life.

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