This upcoming spring being my first here in Western Colorado I'm not hip to the local signs that "spring's right around the corner." Apparently, when Junction's Museum of Western Colorado starts sprucing up the place it's a sign warmer weather is on the way.

With spring break comes visitors. Next thing you know it's summer vacation and tourist are in town to take in the local sites. One of the non-natural is the Museum of Western Colorado in downtown Junction.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

I have family coming to town in a couple of weeks. My son's on spring break. He, his grandparents and I will be exploring some of the cool places around and on our list is the Museum of Western Colorado.

Dinosaur Journey in Fruita is next for cleaning and preparing for the new season. Back home it was robins you kept an eye out for. When they arrived in the neighborhood you knew spring wasn't far behind. I'm not sure what migratory birds to watch for here so I'll take the museum's spring cleaning as a sign that warmer days are right around the corner.

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