I posted a Facebook question yesterday asking if Grand Junction had a New Year's resolution, what would it be? These are the results.

Road Construction

One popular New Year's resolution for Grand Junction involves road construction. Janis said, "Fix the roads! Really fix them and not just chip and seal." Road construction is definitely a headache in this town, and there is still a lot of work to be done.


Another popular New Year's resolution for Grand Junction was to fix the drug problem. Stacey suggested a "rehab center that we can afford." Obviously meth is a big problem here in the Grand Valley, but other hard drugs were mentioned as well.


Homelessness is another big issue in Grand Junction, and it was suggested that the city's New Year's resolution should be to find a better solution for the problem. Ideas include more shelter space for the homeless, and to follow in Denver's footsteps and create tiny homes for the less fortunate.


Here's one I haven't heard too many complaints about, but have definitely noticed it as an issue Grand Junction faces - littering. We have several parks here in Grand Junction, and it's not uncommon to see them littered with trash. I've even encountered city streets covered in trash. Perhaps a program for the homeless and/or drug offenders to clean up the streets could kill two or three birds with one stone?


Finally, it was suggested that Grand Junction's resolution for 2020 should be to improve local government. While there were general suggestions to improve government, Leroy went to the extreme and suggested that we "fire all of the worthless city council members." Ouch.

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