I thought I took pictures of one of the most easily recognizable fishing holes around Grand Junction, but I guess I'm wrong. I asked you to name this fishing hole and most of Grand Junction just can't do it.

I have been to this fishing hole around Grand Junction so many times -- and not just for fishing. This fishing hole is located within a park, but only a select few could correctly name the spot.

Here are some of the guesses we've received:

All of these guesses are wrong -- except for the last one. Dean Jarvis is spot on, this local fishing hole is at Riverbend Park in Palisade. Just like I said, fishing isn't the only thing I've done here.

I've been to this "small" festival called Colorado Mountain Winefest there too. Riverbend Park is a very popular place. There are people fishing there almost every sing time I've been. If you haven't been to Riverbend Park in Palisade, make sure to check it out.