More than 13 pounds of heroin will not hit the streets thanks to a traffic stop in Eagle County this week. According to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office, a traffic stop for following too close yielded a bust of 13.5 pounds of suspected heroin.

The stop was made on Interstate 70 on Dec. 8 when officers made contact with the driver, Mario Contreras Lopes, 23, from California. Lopes gave consent for the officers to search the vehicle but quickly admitted to having narcotics in the vehicle.

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Nine wrapped packages with the label "PEYO" were hidden in a child's car seat. The packages are suspected to be 13.5 pounds of heroin.

Lopes is currently being held on a $100,000 bond and is facing numerous charges that include distribution of a schedule one controlled substance, possession of a schedule one controlled substance, and a charge of special offender importation of heroin. All charges are classified as felonies.

Source: Eagle County Sheriff's Office Facebook

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